Vice President of Sales – Western USA

Los Angeles, California
Posted 3 years ago

Primary Responsibilities

1.      Oversee and manage sales representative force and regional sales management team

2.      Provide leadership to a team of regional sales managers, mentor, guide, and strategic vision

3.      Identify large scale opportunities within western half of USA for regional team to pursue

4.      Implement written reporting and verbal feedback mechanism with rep agents to track key quote statistics, to forecast orders and plan inventory and production, and to increase the likelihood of order fulfillment.

5.      Product development liaison and support role with sales, engineering, marketing and production.

6.      Ability to travel 50% of the time, mentoring and cross-talk role with home office staff.


1.      Must have experience as a Vice-President of Sales, National Sales Manager.

2.      Bachelor’s degree prerequisite. Master’s degree in business administration, industrial distribution, architectural engineering, lighting science, or theatre a plus.

3.      Experienced in selling products through value and engineering rather than focusing on price.  High quality, high-end architectural lighting product experience needed.

4.      International experience is a plus, with contacts and previous work in Western Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. 

Type of Individual

1.      A competitive, highly motivated, self policing, goal oriented professional.

2.      Technical knowledge of products, processes, technology and electrical and construction conditions.

3.      Adequate knowledge of competitors, competitive products and purchasing agent-specifier-agent-distributor-contractor chain.

4.      Worldly knowledge and design instincts command respect.

5.      Business savvy with polish and poise in social settings and presentations.

6.      Written communication skills essential.


The position will report to and be supervised by the Global VP of Sales of the company.  Written reporting is the preferred mode of communication.

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